Notes on Keeseville History from the Keeseville Library

Following are several items copied from documents in the Keeseville Library that were relevant to the Keese history. These were collected ~1980 when I traveled to Keeseville. First is a newspaper clipping from the Plattsburgh Press Republican on Feb. 21, 1973. There are several photos of the early Keese homes which are still in use. Following this are copies of several pages from a book entitled “History of Essex County” giving some of the early history of Keeseville and the Keese families. Next are a few scattered pages from a book called “Old Keeseville Tales”. These pages are not complete nor contiguous so unless you pay attention to the page number, the omissions are confusing. These are followed by selected pages from the “History of Clinton County”. Finally there is a sketched map showing the various Keese homes drawn by the resident of the Richard Keese home during a visit I made to Keeseville ~1978.

Tim Strand, 2010

Following are selected pages from the “History of Essex Co.”

Excerpts from “Old Keeseville Tales”, Essex Co. Publ. Co., Port Henry, N.Y.

(end of selection)

The following 4 pages are from the “History of Clinton and Franklin Cos. New York” Plattsburgh, NY, 1978 (reprint of 1880 edition).